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Santral Entegrasyonu

Telephone Central Integration

Satış Görüşme ve online rezervasyon entegrasyonu

Sale Tracking

Satış,dijital reklam raporları


Sale Management & CRM

All interviews from Call Center can be recorded. Specific campaigns can be send to leads.

CRM Information

CRM infrastructure contains data from hotel guests and from interviews.Old data from other systems can easily be put into Opex.


Tasks such as Next interview date, information to send can be created and tracked.

Online Reservation

Integration with any Online Reservation System allows instant reservations and payments while on the interview.

Reports and Statistics

Flexible reports can be created.

Phone Central Integration

All incoming and outgoing calls recorded.Integrated CRM allows guest recognition.


Communications from all channels are recorded in one place allowing Opex to detect the guests and creating a new guest profile for first time callers.

Online Reservation

With Online Reservation Integration reservations made will be attached to every interview allowing to be seen instantly.

Digital Marketing

Reports can be created according to interview source, type, information allowing you to focus on the right marketing strategy.

Campaign Management

Different campaigns for different nationals can be created.Reports about result can be created with one click.

PMS Integration

Opex can be integrated with any PMS system allowing to create one CRM data in one place.